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Why do you need an AIXPI Ring Light?

It gives out dimmable illumination with no dark shadows. Facial features are enhanced under constant lighting for a more three-dimensional look and make you more engaging.


Who can use an AIXPI Ring Light?

- Children, Teens, Adults, Women & Men, Young & Old

- Makeup artists, Beautician, YouTube content creators, Video bloggers, Selfie lovers, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snap chat, Studio lighting, Portrait photography and Streaming etc.


Can it adjust the smartphone holder to take vertical photos?

Yes, phone holder has two openings to screw it on however you want. Vertically or horizontally.


What is the difference between the models?

The size of the ring's diameter, accessories and carrying bag


Can the LED light panel be replaced?

We don't recommend, because it requires circuit knowledge, and we don't accept personally disassembled products.

You need to buy a replacement ring lamp.


What to do if the ring light gets hot when it is working?

Please try another power adapter or USB port.

Please confirm that you use the right voltage and current. AIXPI usb ring light needs a 5V~2A power adapter.


The led ring light not turning on?

Please try another power outlet, and confirm that the lines are in good contact.


What Accessories are Needed for Live Streaming?

1. LED Ring Light with Tripod

2. Universal Phone Holder

3. Mobile Phone or Camera

4. Soft Light Board

5. Microphone

6. External Sound Card

7. OTG cable, to Connect DSLR and Mobile Phone


Where can I Buy AIXPI Ring Light?

AIXPI are the top seller of Amazon. You can find the top seller ring lights by searching AIXPI on Amazon. More than 10,000 reviews allow you to fully trust us.


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