Why do you need a ring light?

Ring Light, we all know that it is widely used in network broadcast and video as well as some lighting for filming. But the ring light does more than that. Its features make it easier to use and allow it to be used in many different scenes.

What is the feature of AIXPI Ring Light?

High intensity light distribution, uniform light filling

Compared with ordinary lighting light, AIXPI ring light occupies a smaller area and the size can be selected according to demand. AIXPI Ring Light of 6 inches has 72 lamp beads distributed inside the lampshade, showing circular distribution that the light is more divergent, so that the light is more uniform.

Lighting used to feel too focused, but now I don't have to worry about it anymore.

There are 120 beads in the 10-inch ring light. The large number of beads enhances the light intensity and gives a more uniform light filling effect during shooting.