What are the application of AIXPI LED Lighting Kit?

Lighting, what can it do? Lighting, fill light, or something else? What if it was a portable fill light? Despite its small size, its function is not inferior. Whether it's night lighting, video fill light, or online courses, you can use it.

What are the application scenarios of portable desktop fill light?

Video chat

A unique feature of the AIXPI Video Conference LED Lighting Kit is that the size of the fill light is similar to that of a mobile phone.


Do you feel that every time you start video chat with a friend, the other person always looks so good-looking, sometimes although it may not be particularly good-looking, at least it looks normal.


When I look at myself, I can't seem to look directly into the camera. Actually, you are missing the help of lights.


You can try to clip the AIXPI Video Conference LED Lighting Kit on the mobile phone. AIXPI Video Conference LED Lighting Kit is both portable and practical. You can use it at any time when you clip it to the mobile phone.

AIXPI Video Conference LED Lighting Kit

The sufficient light will brighten the whole person, so you don’t have to worry anymore. The significance of mobile phone video is that no matter whether you place the mobile phone horizontally or vertically, you can conduct high-quality video chat, high-quality picture quality, make people look comfortable and the chatting process will be much more enjoyable.


AIXPI Video Conference LED Lighting Kit can be clipped on the mobile phone in the vertical direction, or can be clipped on the mobile phone in the horizontal direction for fill light. No matter which angle of fill light is available, it will bring you the most perfect video fill light experience.

desktop fill light


Sitting in front of the computer requires a long time to use the computer, sometimes because the lighting is too dim and the eyesight is not enough.


Working or studying in dim light for a long time will cause certain damage to the eyes. Therefore, no matter when the light is very important, if the light is too dazzling, it will hurt the eyes. If the lighting range of the light is too large, the light cannot be concentrated. AIXPI fill light can perfectly integrate the needs of the two.

 AIXPI Video Conference LED Lighting Kit

When you have a video conference or need to work with a computer for a long time, put the AIXPI portable fill light on the desktop, it can provide you with soft light, and you can also adjust the brightness of the fill light according to the actual light environment.


Make adjustments, and if the lights are too bright, also dim them a bit. The light mode of the AIXPI portable fill light adopts a soft light design, which is designed to protect the eyes.


When you are tired of watching the computer, let the light dim a little, relax your mood and protect your eyes. Take a break under the warm lights and feel the softness and tranquility of life.


Vlog video

If you think a large fill light is too cumbersome and inconvenient to operate, you can try a portable fill light.


AIXPI portable fill light is close to the mobile phone, or clipped on the camera when shooting so that the whole picture looks brighter and the light is sufficient and the picture will look better.


AIXPI Video Conference LED Lighting Kit


In addition to these more professional shooting fill lights, AIXPI Video Conference LED Lighting Kit has many application scenarios, such as using it as a night light, or lighting it at night, turning on the brightness you want and creating a sense of atmosphere.


If there are friends with plants at home, it is also good to illuminate the plants and perform photosynthesis, such as artificial light lighting for succulents at home.


USB charging provides it with the possibility of flexible and convenient use, with strong battery life, you can use it for a long time.