What Selfie Ring Light Test Should be do?

LED ring lights can help you get the best photographic effect, especially when create video in a closed room. YouTube users and photography enthusiast appreciate good light, in order to achieve high-quality lighting effects and user experience. To meet higher standards, what ring light technique test need to do before they are sold?

1. Salt Spray Test

By what means of transportation will ring lights and LED lighting products delivered to us? General cargo transportation methods include maritime, railway, automobile, and air transportation.


AIXPI ring light for photography are deeply recognized and loved by overseas. When AIXPI products are exported to the international market, ocean transportation is indispensable.

salt spray test

General maritime transportation is large in volume, long in time and it is also greatly affected by natural conditions. While excluding transportation risks, AIXPI also pays attention to whether the product will rust due to the corrosive components and corrosive factors such as oxygen, humidity, temperature changes and pollutants in the surrounding climate of the ocean.


Whether in transportation or in your use, salt spray corrosion resistance is a very important indicator. AIXPI focuses on the selection of product materials from the R&D and design process. It is equipped with a salt spray test chamber to simulate salt spray corrosion to test the corrosion resistance of the product. The material is strictly required to meet the corrosion resistance standard, so that AIXPI ring lights have conventional resistance to weather and salt spray corrosion.


2. Integrating Sphere Test

The color of the ring light is warm, cool, nature or other colors, which is usually felt by our eyes during use. In order to evaluate the scientific parameters of color, the AIXPI ring light R&D team used the integrating sphere test system to measure during the test, and accurately described these two indicators in the form of parameters. This is the manual of the ring light or some parameters from the AIXPI website or store. These parameters express what our color is and how much the brightness is, which can be clearly described to the user.

integrating sphere test

3. Thermal Cycle Test Chamber

When there are a lot of water droplets in the environment of the ring light or the scorching sun in summer, what kind of extreme weather our ring lights can withstand? How high or low temperature can aixpi ring lights work as usual? There are two very important factors for the ambient temperature of the ring light: temperature and humidity. Generally, the operating temperature range of the LED ring lamp safety regulations is -20~65. The temperature of AIXPI ring light can reach -20~80.

thermal cycle test chamber

In order to prevent the ring light from short-circuiting or not bright enough, turn on but the light does not turn on due to high humidity, and there are water droplets in the electronic components. 

Simulate the real environment, AIXPI ring light team test the real high and low temperature resistance level of the ring light. According to the feedback of the test, perform detailed verification and analysis to test whether the ring light can work normally in the extreme outdoor environment. AIXPI guarantees that the led ring lamp has the ability to resist high and low temperature under the conditions of wind, rain and sun. You can use it in any environment without worrying that will affect the service life of the AIXPI selfie ring light.


4. Comprehensive Product Testing Before Delivery

Quality has always been the focus of photography LED lamps AIXPI brand. In order to ensure the high quality ring light, we spare no effort to check every ring light emitted by AIXPI to ensure that the products we emit meet the specified requirements, including the quantity, specifications, and models of the ringlights, and check the quality of the products. Check to the packaging is intact and the product arrives in your hands intact.

ring light testing

Lighting is a key aspect that affects video quality. To design a perfect lighting solution, in addition to being familiar with the lighting techniques and fill light yourself, you also need a LED ring light for camera that has ring light test and comparison analysis and accurate parameters.


If you buy AIXPI ring lights, these problems will no longer be your troubles. If you have any questions about the parameters, light information, purchase, and price of the ring light, please leave a message below the article or contact us, we will reply to you shortly.

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