How to use AIXPI RGB Atmosphere Light?

The RGB desktop light can be used on the desktop as a night light, or it can be connected to Bluetooth and WiFi to make a music sensor.

The light source of RGB is LED light.

Game experience

Installing it in the room while playing games will enhance your experience. Different colors can be switched back and forth, and the dazzling lighting is as attractive as the game, putting you in the scene inside the game character. There are 16 million color adjustments, built-in dynamic modes and scene modes.

When you want to set up your own game environment, choose an ideal game venue mode, the experience will be instantly enhanced, and you can use brightness adjustment to enhance your visual experience. Turn on the AIXPI RGB Deskstop light and put it in the room, you can choose different colors, it can be purple, yellow, blue, it can be a single tone, or it can be a combination of multiple colors, the bright light combination will give you the most good gaming experience.

AIXPI RGB Symphony Desktop Atmosphere Light

Home Decoration

The AIXPI RGB  Atmosphere Light is small in size and light in weight, so it can be fixed on the wall as a wall lamp, which not only saves space, but also decorates the home as a lighting, making your home more ceremonial.

In the open lockers that are neatly placed in the home, if the lighting is insufficient, it will affect the storage of items. If it is a fragile item such as glass or ceramics, if the light is not enough to make it invisible, it is easy to touch and break. So how important it is to have light in there. Some people will say, then I can use a desk lamp to illuminate when I store things or take things out, or turn on the flashlight of my mobile phone to illuminate.

AIXPI RGB Symphony Desktop Atmosphere Light

It can be seen in this way, but one feature is that when you want to take things, you have to hold a flashlight in the other hand, which is very inconvenient, and the things you hold are likely to be broken accidentally. What should we do at this time? My suggestion is to put the RGB lights inside the cabinet.

Fix AIXPXI RGB Light on the top of the cabinet, you can use it when you need it. Because it is voice-activated, it is much more convenient to use, and it will automatically light up when needed. You can also use the Bluetooth remote control, with a single touch, you can also choose the timing, that is to say, you can turn it on and off when you want.

Ambient night light

One of the main features of AIXPI RGB light is that the lights are colorful and the colors of the lights are diverse. In a corner of the house, put the RGB lights there to light up, and in an instant, the atmosphere of the room will come. Choose the color you want to display, turn on AIXPI RGB light, and let it shine quietly there alone. Impetuous night, under the contrast of RGB lighting atmosphere, will become quiet and gentle.

In addition to being used as an ambient light, the RGB light can also be placed on the desk or bedside as a night light. This function is very suitable for people who need to get up frequently at night. AIXPI RGB light can choose from many colors and can also adjust different sensitivity levels. This can help you sleep. If it feels too bright, turn down the brightness and use the function of the sleep light to help you fall asleep.