How to make a good short video?

We want to make the short videos, but sometimes we find that the effect is not ideal. When we re-watch the videos, we discover that the beginning of the video is not very good, the video is not clear, or the beauty of the picture is not enough.

Think about it. If the cover isn't attractive enough, isn't that missing out on a lot of possibilities that people clicking in your video?

How can short video be high quality?

The picture with high quality is mainly reflected in three elements: clarity, lighting and colour modulation .A clear logo can help viewers better identify the content, which is a potential threshold to distinguish the excellent video from common video .

Clarity, lighting and color are indispensable. How to perfect the three elements has become a key to determine whether your video is successful.

One of the most important things to do is to adjust the lighting.

Plenty of light will make your video look sharper. As all we know, bright images will be more recognizable and high resolution images will improve the quality of the video, which viewers will be attracted by a nice cover so that the video get more views and attention.

How do you get enough light?

If you're indoors, you can be under a light, in front of a window, or if you're outside, you can choose an open area with a wide view to get plenty of light.

These well-lit areas will make your video look sharper.

Stable picture

In addition to the processing and application of light, we should keep the stability of equipment and instruments in the process of shooting, so that the picture presented to the audience can be stable and clear. If the picture is too shaky, it will make viewers feel uncomfortable and affect the quality of the whole video.

The choice of light

Different themes and environments have different lighting requirements. We need more bright and sufficient light when shooting healthy and sunny short films to show a positive state. Sometimes we need to shoot home life or create a warm picture, the warmer tone is able to enhance this gentle feeling.

Shooting focus

When shooting still life, you need to focus the lens. If the lens is not properly focused, it will become blurred and the video will be degraded.

What is the appropriate device to help make a good short video

AIXPI ring filling light is a professional photography accessory. And what advantage will you obtain when choosing it?

Strong light filling effect

Shooting video is very important to the choice of lighting, the filling light effect of AIXPI Ring Light is stronger. Compared with other ring light, AIXPI Ring Light adopts curved design, so that the divergence of light is stronger, the range of light and light irradiation is wider, which make the filling effect is better to make a good short video.

Convenient lighting that do not block the lens

Still life photography requires sufficient light to have a clarity. If the camera is pointed at the still life, the light will be blocked and the picture will become blurred.

However, the design of the ring light can place the camera instrument in the middle, so that the light will not be blocked when shooting, so as to take a clear and high-quality picture.

It's soft and doesn't hurt your eyes

If strong main light is used in live shooting, it will not only make the anchor feel dazzling, but also affect the effect of shooting because the shadows are produced.

While the ring light of live stream can provide a good uniform and soft light, and reduce the impact of halo shadow on shooting. When acting as the main light, it can brighten the anchor's face and create better color effect.

It uses LED patch energy-saving lamps, so the light is soft and not harsh. The eyes are not prone to dry and uncomfortable, either in front or at close range.

Distribution of light

Providing 360 degrees without dead Angle lighting, if it is placed on the front side of a little bit on the high side of the position, there will be a sense of stereo, can also illuminate the lamp on the background board, it will produce a sense of distance, get a sense of space.

Multi-file adjustment makes it possible to create different scenarios

The AIXPI Ring Light has three color temperatures and 10 levels of brightness can be adjusted.

It can be adjusted according to the shooting needs, or the picture light can be adjusted. Different lighting brightness can bring different effects.

If you want to shoot a better video, try the AIXPI Ring Filling Light. It will give you plenty of light and different scenes to complement the atmosphere, which is a great choice for you to start trying out short videos.

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