How to choose live streaming equipment for beginners?

What equipment does a novice streamer need? The new anchors generally do not use too many equipments. The anchors who are just getting started do not need to prepare a full set of live broadcast equipment because of the consideration and needs of the cost.


The beginners only need mobile phones, brackets and fill light to play live broadcasts. Lights and good network conditions can make the live broadcast go on smoothly. When the budget is sufficient after earning income, most anchors will also configure a sound card and microphone to repair the sound in beautiful voice.

AIXPI 10 Inch Ring Light


The live stream atmosphere can greatly improve the live broadcast effect. When it comes to fill light, I recommend AIXPI ring 10 Inch Ring Light in terms of cost-effectiveness and strength. It is really fragrant to use.


Improve the clarity of the live streaming room, and you can understand you at a glance is the fill light. The configuration of AIXPI fill light and tripod can easily create a high-definition beauty effect.


When only the ceiling light of the room is turned on, the light emitted will often cause dark shadows on the screen, causing the overall video picture to feel stiff However, when using AIXPI fill light and tripod bracket, the five-section adjustment rod of the tripod has good scalability, ensuring sufficient height and flexibility.


With USB power supply, the power supply is more stable and reliable, and the 1.5-meter power cord can also flexibly change the angle and distance.


AIXPI ring fill light can help you create a better personal image. It has three colors of cool, warm and white, and each color temperature has 10 kinds of adjustable brightness, which is suitable for most anchors. When you use it, it depends on the light in the room.

AIXPI 10 Inch Ring Light


The ring-shaped fill light has the characteristics of softly illuminating the face to show your fair and delicate skin tone. The biggest highlight is to create a round angel eye light in the eyes. , The big eyes that don't work are charming and shining, and fans lock your live broadcast room every minute.


To sum up, I think its soft light effect is really good, not stiff at all, giving people a completely different feeling.


AIXPI ring fill light is also suitable for taking photos with mobile phones, or taking selfies and videos with mobile phones. Even in the event of a power outage, the power bank can be used for lighting, which can be described as a multi-purpose lamp.