How to adjust the light in live broadcast

Have you started doing live streaming yourself? What should we pay attention tofirst when we start doing live streaming? We all know that the first thingpeople notice when entering a live room is the light of the video.

That is tosay, the live broadcast environment of the video is very important, whichaffects the user's first feeling, and also determines whether you can retainthe audience and attract more fans in the future.


How to create a live broadcast environment is the most suitable? How to adjust thelight in live streaming? Let's find out together.




The more common lights in the live room are main light, auxiliary light, contourlight, top light and background light.


If you ask me what factors affect the state of the anchor, then I will tell you,that is the angle of the light, the color temperature, and if the lightingeffect can be done well, then the image presented by the anchor is like beauty,transparent Bright, lighting plays a key role in the layout of the livebroadcast environment.

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Contour light

The rim light is the light that is facing the direction of the camera, which is akind of backlight effect. The rim light can outline the outline of the subject.If the tones of the subject and the background overlap, the effect of the rimlight is to separate the subject and the background.


When artificial lighting is used, the contour light is often used in conjunctionwith the key light blessing.


Why use rim lights? A very important reason is that while the contour light makesthe outline of the anchor more distinct, it can also highlight the image of theanchor and increase the feeling of the subject.


top light


But pay attention to the top light position should not be more than two meters awayfrom the anchor position, it is easy to form shadows under the eyes and nose.


Top light generally refers to the light from the top, which forms an angle of about90 degrees with the scene and the camera.

Whenthis light shines on the top of the anchor, it will produce a strong sense ofprojection, which can shape the shape of the outline and play a role inthinning the face.

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background light


In different programs or scenes, the selection and construction of lighting willbe different, which is called background light. Backlight adjusts theatmosphere around the subject.


During the live broadcast, the background may be relatively dark. At this time, youneed to use the background light. The background light can even out the lightin the room and make the background of the live broadcast room more perfect.


Equipment selection


When shooting, we need to consider a lot of equipment, such as whether to choose amobile phone or a camera for video recording, and which one to choose is onething that needs to be clearly considered. Good equipment is related to thequality of the live broadcast.

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Three brightness options


In the live broadcast, different lights have different effects. If you find thatthe lights are too bright, you can choose a darker mode, which will make yourface appear softer while supplementing the light.


The advantageof this light is that you don't need to worry too much about whether yourphotogenic effect is too bad, as long as you adjust the light well, then yourlive broadcast picture will not be bad.

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