How to Light for Video Conferencing at Home

Working from home, video conferencing is becoming more and more popular. Obtaining perfect lighting is always the key to video conferencing. If you are not sure about the appearance of the call, turn on the webcam when adjusting. How to set up lighting for video conferencing?

light for video conferencing

1. Use Natural Light Sources

Sunshine light sources are always pleasing to the mood, it evenly enhances and brightens your skin and features, providing you with clear, flattering movie qualities. If your work desk is fixed, you need to work hard to adjust the natural light and rely on the lighting in the room to avoid confusing visual during video calls.

natural light for video

2. Place the Lighting Correctly

One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of a video is to turn on any available light and place it behind or to the side of the camera. Look for adjustable lighting, such as desk lamps or led ring fill light. Placing laptop lighting equipment above the computer screen allows it to more thoroughly illuminate the light in the camera lens of view, thereby ensuring more uniform brightness. Buy the ring light for laptop with clip or tripod to obtain the ideal lighting.


3. Try Three-Point Lighting

Three-point lighting is very simple. Use three light sources in the space to create a balanced lighting effect. The main light source should come from behind the camera, and you should use an auxiliary light source near the key light source.


For regular video meeting, three-point lighting may be too extravagant. The three-point lighting is not only used for video calls, you can use it to take Instagram photos in your life, which can show you the freedom and perfect joy of life during the pandemic.


4. Adjust the Camera

This is one of the basic principles of using camera in video call: keep the camera at the same level of eye sight.

Put books, green plants or coffee on the work desk, you can easily add some vitality to your work space.


5. Keep Good Skin

The most economical way to improve the appearance of a video conference is to replace the fill light. The goal is to obtain a consistent color temperature on all light sources.

Experienced YouTubers, Twitch experts and other professionals all like to use led panel lights and ring lights. Choose the best light mode according to natural light, your skin and the meeting effect you want. Dimmable fill light creates more possibilities for your online work.

adjust lighting

Desktop 10 Inch ring light with stand and phone holder. It clamps your mobile phone in the light center for phone video chat, and is equipped with an adjustable tripod, different lighting modes and brightness levels, so you can adjust the really appearance. They also tend to be bulky, so they are not ideal for mobile phones.

desktop 10 inch ring light

The pocket fill light for laptop without a mobile phone holder, but is replaced with a clip or suction cup that can be directly clamped on the computer screen. It is small enough to fit into a computer bag or pocket at any time, without any burden on you.

pocket fill light

The small desktop tripod is equipped that allows the fill light to be placed in a blank space on the desk.


6. Background

Although compared with your meeting room, a small study room is not suitable for professional meetings, the home decoration style shifts the focus to who should be the protagonist.


The best lighting for video conferencing should make the camera clearly see the people in the lens. It is recommended to use a pure white background to ensure that your work space can make you feel better about video calls.



Amazon and online stores provide a variety of webcam lighting for video conferencing to meet your requirements. Refer to the tips in this article, you can even combine the laptop fill light with table lamps and ceiling lamps, place them correctly and adjust to the appropriate color temperature and brightness to achieve perfect video results.



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