How to Fix LED Ring Light Not Working

As the top Amazon seller, aixpi is committed to providing the live broadcast with the most beautiful and high-quality ring lights for live streaming. Of course, as a beginner, you may encounter some problems with the use of ring lights. This article provides ways on how to fix a ring light?


Whether you're making a product video in a live studio or talk to the fans or make up, great lighting will make you stand out.


Bright light is the lighting you are looking for, and ring light is the only way you can always have the ideal lighting.

The question most frequently mentioned by some of the commenters on Amazon is how to install the ring light kits? The following is the assembly instructions and troubleshooting for the ring light of AIXPI.

Part 1: Desk 10 Inch LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

 10 inch led ring light

Ring Light Manual for Use:

1. Please chose reputable brand, certificate compliant DC 5V adapter. Max output current 2A.

2. The slight noise is unavoidable, if you chose power bank to drive the ring light.

3. Ta: -20℃ ~50℃

4. IP20, never use it in damp environment, such as in the rain, in the bathroom etc.


10 Inch AIXPI Ring Light Installation Instructions:

1. Prepare pan-tilt and mobile clip.

2. Install the Mobile clip on the pan-tilt.

3. Loosen the bottom screw and have a certain gap for easy installation on the ring light.

4. Mount the assembled mobile phone holder on the ring of the ring light.

5. As shown in the figure, pressthe clamp with your finger and rotate until tightened.

6. Install the Pan-Tilt on the ring lamp and rotate until tightened.

7. Install the Tripod on the Pan-Tilt and rotate until tightened.

8. Clamp the cell phone on the cell Mobile clip.

9. Complete assembly.



Part 2: 10 Inch LED Ring Light with Long Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

10 Inch Ring Light Assembly:

1. Prepare Tripod.

2. Unscrew the tripod cover.

3. Turn the screw counterclockwise to loosen the screw.

4. Use both hands to divide the corner frame into two sides.

5. Pull the holder up first, then rotate the holder to fixed it.

6. Tripod assembly completed.

7. Prepare Pan-Tilt and (6) Mobile clip.

8. Install the Mobile clip on the (4) Pan-Tilt tighten it as shown inthe direction of the arrow.

9. Loosen the bottom screw and have a certain gap for easy installation on the ring light.

10. Mount the assembled mobile phone holder on the ring of the ring light.

11. As shown in the figure, press the clamp with your figure and rotate until tightened.

12. Mobile phone bracket installation completed.

13. Install the Pan-Tilt on the ring lamp and rotate until tightened.

14. Pan-Tilt and ring light assembly completed.

15. Install the Pan-Tilt on the tripod and rotate until tightened.

16. Put the cell phone on the cell Mobile clip.

17. Assembly completed.

18. After USB is powered on, it can be used. Install the video in more detail and scan the QR code to view it.