How to Choose 18 Inch Ring Light with Stand

The magic of the ring light in the more pleasing diffuse lighting, which provides professional lighting at low cost. Do you need to know how to choose a ring light? Especially for the shooting of large scenes, the 18-inch large ring light is more important, so how to choose the best 18 Inch ring light with stand?


best 18 inch ring light with stand


Should I Choose 14 or 18 Inch Ring Light?

Ring Light Size Comparison

18 inch ring light diameter: Φ49.5CM(19.4 inch)

14 inch ring light diameter: Φ35.6CM(14 inch)

12 inch ring light diameter: Φ30.48CM(12 inch)

10 inch ring light diameter: Φ25.5CM(10 inch)


Extra Large Diameter 18-Inch Makeup Ring Light

(1) The 18-inch ultra-large aperture has a large illumination area, a wider and brighter lighting range, giving a charming "eye light", and no blind spots on the face.

(2) Circle design, create uniform and beauty skin.

(3) The LED particle light tube has strong luminosity, creating a natural lighting effect. With the perfect size, it can be used to shots, videos, and makeup artists, and selfies.


Dimming Mode

The 18-inch ring light mainly uses stepless dimming mode.

6-8-10-12-14 Inch ring lights are 3 modes, 30 levels of Dimming.


The 18-inch ring light can be adjusted in color temperature range from 3100k-6350k, and the dimmable brightness range is 1%-100%. You can easily adjust to the desired shooting environment. Let your style change, greatly increase the practicability of the fill ring light.


 stepless dimming mode

Using high-quality ABS material, light and convenient, flexibility and multiple cooling holes ensure heat dissipation performance. Protect the lamp and extend the use time.

The wire control design, freely adjust the brightness and color temperature of the ring light to create personal style.


Comparison of the Number of LED Beads

The 6-inch and 8-inch ring lights is usually has at least 72 lamp beads.

The number of LED beads for 10-inch and 12-inch ring lights is 120, while the 18-inch ring light is equipped with 180 LED highlight LED beads.


The number of lamp beads is related to the lighting effect. The more LED lamp beads, the greater the power and the higher the lumens, the brighter the effect seen by the eyes.


18 Inch Ring Light Tripods

Because 18-inch large ring lights are suitable for some large studios or outdoors, the required equipment stability will be higher. Therefore, the 18-inch ring light will be equipped with a more stable tripod with a certain weight to adapt to various photography scenes. The 18-inch ring light adjustable tripod can be extended from 19.3 inches to 71 inches. Just lock it to the desired length to suit your use, and it can stand on the floor.


18 inch ring light tripod


Portable 18 Inch Ring Light Kit

Kit Include 1 × 18" LED Ring Light, 1× 71"Adjustable Light Stand, 1 × Tripod Ball Head, 1 × iPad holder, 1 × Smart Phone Holder, 1 × Power Adapter, 1 × Camera Head, 1 × Portable Shockproof Bag, 1 × User Manual.


18 inch ring light kit


The Diameter of the Ring Light is about 18 Inches

In addition, the backpack weighs only 3.5kg, which is light and portable and can be carried around. A huge heavy ring light can be troublesome because it will burden you with carrying, so an 18-inch ring light may be the most suitable size.


18 Inch Ring Light with Stand Price

Obtaining high-quality ring lights can be expensive. AIXPI was committed to provide more people with light and valuable live studio lighting. Compared with soft box, the cost of ring lights may be much lower, depending on how you choose to invest.


The size of the ring light is freer. 14-inch to 18-inch sizes are more common. Choose according to the actual photography needs.


AIXPI 18 Inch LED Ring Light Kit

AIXPI 18-inch led ring light for portrait and photography is a new type of ring LED beauty light specially to meet the needs of online live streaming, beauty and makeup, wedding photography, selfie beauty and other photography needs!


Using 180 high-brightness led lamp beads as a light source, the output power reaches 45W. While providing a high-brightness and high CRI, it also has stepless dimming and the AC adapter provides stable power supply.


The ring light kit is composed of light ring, bracket, pan/tilt, mobile phone holder and other parts, and each part can be replaced separately. Whether it is due to damage or you want to replace it with better parts, you can do it at will.


It is very simple to set up and use AIXPI ring light, but there is some guesswork in the instructions that you need to do. But don't worry, because once you set it up for the first time and see how they put together, it will be easier each time the next time.


Visit the YouTube channel of the AIXPI ring light brand to learn how to assemble the ring light. The cooperation and completion of certain parts of the bracket and the mounting may seem awkward, but it does not reduce its intended purpose. All in all, this is a very good kit.


aixpi youtube installation tutorial


In short, the AIXPI 18-inch ring light is a light for live sale with diversified functions and easy operation, which can definitely meet your professional studio shooting needs. The 18 inch ring light review above can also help you have a more professional choice when buying ring light.


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