Guide for Ring Light Troubleshooting

Fill ring light has many uses, and a lot of investment is in video and blogs, live streaming and so on. How to choose live ring light? You may have some problems when buying and using ring lights, this article will list troubleshooting guide for ring lights.


troubleshooting guide for ring light


The ring light is a simple lighting tool that can provide professional lighting conditions in photos and videos. The device usually consists of a ring of small LED bulbs or an uninterrupted halo. Regardless of natural light, it can provide a uniformly diffused light source for photos and videos. Ring lights were welcomed by YouTubers and DSLR photographers. Ring lights are now available in various sizes and models, each of which can meet unique needs.


What Accessories are Needed for Live Broadcast?

If you have a ring light for live streaming, read on for accessories you will need.

1. OTG cable, used to connect DSLR and mobile phone

2. Universal phone holder

3. Mobile phone or camera


accessories live broadcast


Is the ring light phone holder detachable?

The phone holder can be disassembled and can be put back by screwing the phone holder.


Is the phone holder suitable for any Android device?

Each telescopic mobile phone holder has a maximum telescopic range, which can generally reach 8.5cm. For details, you need to refer to the component parameters in the ring light accessories.

Is it convenient to travel and carry?

If you buy a small ring light, there will be no problems when traveling. But I think it depends on your travel arrangements, it depends on what you can take and how you travel.


Can the included tripod be adjusted?

It depends on the tripod. The stand that comes with the desktop model is about a foot, and it is not adjustable. But if you have a long tripod, it works perfectly with any retractable tripod.


Can it be clipped to the display of the laptop? Video conferencing needs it.

It will not clip on top of the display. The special ring light design of the gimbal mini ball head makes it easy to use on any desktop tripod. If you need a clip-on ring fill light, then you can consider this Selfie Ring Light with Phone Lazy Bracket for Live.


lazy bracket ring light


How long does it charge?

Most ring lights do not have batteries, but use USB power. It can't charge, just plug it into USB/or wall adapter.


Can it be used in cameras? Or just the phone?

If you have a suitable camera, you can install it in the middle of the ring light. Through the hot shoe holder, you can install a camera or phone holder in the middle of the ring light.


Is the ring light bracket firm?

It is strong. The bracket is heavy and not fragile.


Why does ring light not working?

Ensure that the AC power cord is firmly inserted into the adapter.


Is ring light valid for Zoom meetings?

Yes, it works well anytime you need better lighting and hands-free. Very suitable for selfies, real-time video, zoom... all kinds of things.


How to install the AIXPI ring light to the stand/tripod?

Please click here for help in installing AIXPI ring lights.


How to Choose the Best Live Ring Lights?

There are some tips for choose a ring light, please refer to it.

The Benefits of Using Ring Light


10" Ring Light with Tripod Stand with Phone Holder

(1) Design

The AIXPI selfie ring light is not only lightweight in design, but also very stylish in appearance. The overall design of the ring light is like a beautiful moon, emitting a uniform and soft light.


(2) Advanced LED lamp beads

Led is the most important part of photographic lamps. The quality of Led beads can be said to determine the effect of the lamp. The AIXPI ring light uses advanced high-gloss LED lamp beads, which have the outstanding characteristics of high brightness, accurate color temperature and no flicker.


(3) Soft light

The AIXPI LED ring light uses high-brightness lamp beads. In order to make the light soft and not dazzling, the outer layer is equipped with a layer of diffuser. AIXPI ring lights are more suitable for live beauty streaming, wedding makeup, self-portraits, etc.


(4) 3 Color temperature mode

Three-mode color temperature control, the AIXPI selfie ring light adopts a 3-color temperature design, which can adjust the color temperature between 3200k-5600k, which greatly increases the adaptability of the AIXPI live ring light in daily photography. Just use the function adjustment button for dimming, without changing the camera settings, you can easily play with the photo effects.


(5) Minimal dimming

Dimming is very simple. Lightly press the "+" and "-" button to adjust the brightness, and "conversion" is to adjust the color temperature.


10 inch ring light


This is a 10 inch ring light that can easily help you with makeup, live videos and selfies, it is very suitable for personal use. Because its brightness can be adjusted, the LED ring light can also be used for night lighting. It has many uses, including makeup and live streaming.


The packaging of this product comes with a universal phone holder with high compatibility. Therefore, you can use this phone holder on many smartphones of different brands and models. In order to meet your various needs, the height of this ring light tripod is adjustable.


Selfie Ring Light with Phone Lazy Bracket for Live, Makeup, Dimmable

Perfect TikTok Companion for $20

Just like the perfect option mentioned earlier, the clip-on ring light will be clipped to the desktop. However, this is a product dedicated to photography, with three levels of light settings and an ultra-wide range, which can produce excellent light even in the dark. This is one of the best selfie ring lights because of its low price and small size, so carry this ring light kit with you.


ring light with lazy bracket


Where can I Buy AIXPI Ring Light?

Amazon We are the top seller of Amazon. You can find the top ring lights designed and produced by AIXPI by searching AIXPI on Amazon. More than 10,000 messages allow you to fully trust us.


AIXPI.Shop This is AIXPI online store. You can find many ring lights of different styles here, as well as many novel design AIXPI ring light and stand that you can't find on Amazon. The most important thing is that there are also many ring light replacement parts. When one of your parts is broken and you don't want to spend a lot of money to replace the ring light kit, you can find the replacement parts you need here. AIXPI online store solves all the problems and needs of you.


AIXPI.COM If you are a company or seller and want to sell AIXPI ring lights. You can contact our shop assistant here, we will recommend the most suitable ring lights and the best wholesale prices for you. we must be the business partner you want to work with.


Ring Lights are very versatile lighting tools. It can make hobbies more interesting or promote live streaming business. For more ring light replacement parts and troubleshooting, please visit AIXPI blog page.


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