Buy the Best 18 inch Ring Light with Stand

Now all you need is a smartphone with a camera, you can take the photos you want, and selfies are easier. Of course, for an excellent selfie, there is a cheap 18 inch ring light to help your big scene shooting.

18 inch ring light


The 18-inch LED live light uses a ring design, and its mobile phone holder is located in the middle of the ring light. It ensures that you will not have any dark spots on your face during live streaming and helps to draw beautiful faces. 

At the same time, there is a mobile phone holder under the ring light circle, which can support simultaneous live broadcast of multiple mobile phones. They are not difficult to use or set up, and once you are ready, you have higher quality selfies to showcase.




Shooting ideas can impress friends and strangers. Get the best selfie when you use the best 18 inch ring light with stand in 2019.


Why Choose AIXPI 18 inch Ring Light for Live Streaming?

The new generation of low cost has reduced weight and volume compared to previous models. The lighter and more compact body can cope with a variety of complex shooting environments, allowing you to grasp the camera.


Not only portable and smart, but also equipped with professional functions such as remote control, can be used for tiktok vlog video. Ideal for selfies, YouTube video live streaming, camera photography, makeup.


The 18 inch ring light can be used in digital SLR cameras/smartphones/mirrorless cameras. With the Bluetooth remote control, you can free up your hands for photo shooting. Meet the special needs of the live broadcast industry and improve the efficiency of video shooting.


The key to choose a led ring light kit is the right attachment. The 18 inch ring light kit can provide you with many accessories, including filters, tripods, mobile phone holders and more.


[AIXPI18-inch LED ring light Kit includes] 1× 18" LED Ring Light, 1× 78"Adjustable Light Stand, 1× Tripod Ball Head, 1x iPad holder, 1× Smart Phone Holder, 1× Power Adapter, 1× Camera Head, 1× Portable Shockproof Bag, 1× User Manual.


18 inch ring light kit accessories


Built-in bi-colors LED from 2700K to 5500K, dimmable range from 1% -100%. Using LED bulb means you don't have to replace the ring light bulb, because it will keep you on for a long time because it is also more durable. You can easily adjust it to accurately represent the shooting environment you want. Adjustable tripods and removable ring lights give you a suitable lighting height.


No shadow fill light:

The ring light source is adopted to form an aperture when shooting. High brightness and soft light make your shooting effect colourful and distinctive.

no shadow fill light

Three-color photography tube:

Three primary colors light sources, uniform brightness, soft fill light. No matter shooting or live broadcasting, you can achieve perfect face effect.


18 inch diva ring light material:

Using high-quality ABS material, high strength, high heat resistance. Not only high strength, long life, better appearance, using high-grade matte design, classic fashion, beautiful.


[After-sales service] We will provide you with high-quality after-sales service for 12 months. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


12 Inch Ring Light vs 18 Inch

Maybe you are thinking about which ring light to buy? 18-inch ring light is similar to 12-inch, but it is more conducive to a wider shooting range than close-up shots. It's similar to a regular large LED ring light, but it has a dimmer that lets you adjust the brightness of the ring light as you like.


adjust brightness


Larger 18-inch ring lights were used in most YouTube videos. Although the 12-inch ring light fits my desk without taking up much space. But for vloggers who have plenty of space and want a better live broadcast effect, 18-inch ring lights are your best choice.

ring light for vlogger


18 inch ring light kit is great value for money. In addition, this ring light has many uses, and you can also use it for daily makeup. The ring light 18 inch price offered by AIXPI is the wholesale. If you are a ring light or beauty tools seller, AIXPI is your best choice.


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