AIXPI, The Top Ring Light Brand

AIXPI is a team dedicated to makeup ring lights, LED ring lights, LED illuminated magnifying glass and other lights. AIXPI ring light is the top 3 in Amazon's selfie light category. From the hand-assembled ring lights in a small room in 2017, now we have a professional factory with a series of professional optical testing instruments such as light decay detection, smoke test, integrating sphere, etc. 

AIXPI listens to the opinions of each customer and has experienced technician who are constantly improving and designing new products, and Makeup artist, Social Media KOL, Blogger can grow with us.

AIXPI has grown into a well-known brand of selfie ring lights in Europe and the United States, and more than half of the people in the live streaming are using our products. The brand concept of AIXPI has not changed, and We still work hard so that every ordinary photographer can use a professional ring light.




AIXPI always listens to the customers, and constantly introduces new products based on a high-cost performance. Now our ring lights are popular among beauty bloggers. There is no high price here, only high-quality ring light that have been checked again and again. 

Create Professional Live Studios

Given the trend of social media, AIXPI aims to provide cost-effective LED ring light equipment  for all customers, allowing people to create specialized studios with less money. Everyone can start from AIXPI to the first step to personal Live Studio.

Experienced technicians are developing and expanding our product to provide you with professional live streaming equipment. Media, Video creators or Live Anchor, here you can get all the LED ring light equipment.

AIXPI has a Amazon best-selling products. We have a steady new technologies and surprises, AIXPI will never stop. We want everyone who picks up the ring light knows AIXPI.


Business Email Contact:

Amazon Support: support@aixpi.com

Retail/Wholesale Inquiries: sale@aixpi.com 

Influencer and Product Review Program: sale@aixpi.com or @aixpi(instagram)

Business Cooperation:

AIXPI offer a variety of customized LED lights. We can help you design and manufacture leds lights. Sincerely look forward to beneficial cooperation and create a win-win cooperation!
If you want to purchase AIXPI Ring Light through the official website, welcome to visit the AIXPI online store www.aixpi-ring-light.com

For more questions about customize and wholesale of LED ring lights, leave your message and contact us, we will contact you asap. Or you can send email to sale@aixpi.com

All you may need AIXPI trademarks, CE, FCC, ROHS, PSE, WEEE certificates.

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